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I absolutely will not vote for Donald Trump!

By Scott Tibbs, January 8, 2016

Now that 2016 is upon us, allow me to repeat what I have been saying for months now: If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President, I am voting Libertarian.

Would it be better if I did not vote at all, then? No, that is silly. The other Republican candidates on the ballot will get my vote. I will support the Republican candidates for county council, county commissioner, state representative, governor, Congress, Senate, and so forth. Furthermore, in those down-ballot races (especially for county government) my vote matters much more than my vote for President.

So, no, it would not be better if I did not vote at all.

Trump's position on eminent domain alone disqualifies him from getting my vote. There are many more reasons to oppose Trump, but that is an automatic disqualification. It is an unconstitutional power grab by government that never should have been allowed in the abominable Kelo vs City of New London decision a decade ago. Even if using government as a hired thug to steal people's land and give it to private developers was constitutional (it is not) that is still a drastic limitation on our private property rights that cannot be tolerated.

Let me also say this right now: I decided in 2008 that I could not in good conscience support John McCain, but I would vote for McCain a hundred billion times before I ever vote for Donald Trump. Trying to browbeat me into supporting Trump will not only fail to work, it will only serve to harden my opposition to him. Every single time I am accused of helping Huillary Clinton by opposing Trump, I will oppose Trump even more.

Hopefully, it will not come to that. Hopefully, Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee for President. We have a lot of quality candidates running for the Republican nomination, and while I am less than thrilled with some of them I would not hesitate to vote for any of them over Hillary Clinton. But I will never vote for Donald Trump.


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