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Republican hypocrites for Donald Trump

By Scott Tibbs, October 7, 2015

Does character matter to Republicans any more? Back in 1992, it did. Republicans made a big deal out of Bill Clinton's adultery, saying it made him unfit to be President. In 1998, Republicans refocused on Clinton's adultery and how it exposed his character and fitness for office, this time with a White House intern young enough to be his daughter. Was it all a sham? Was it all just a political game? Were they ever sincere? The rise of Donald Trump and his popularity with the Republican base certainly raises those questions.

Trump's philandering ways are well known. He has been married three times, each time to progressively younger women. As his wives get too old, he casts them aside for a newer model. Trump treats his wives like most Americans treat their cell phones or automobiles.

What is both amazing and infuriating about this is that to this day Republicans are ripping into Hillary Clinton for defending her adulterous husband and scheming to destroy women who came forward with accusations of adultery, sexual harassment and even rape. But see, it's different because Bill and Hillary Clinton are Democrats. Don't you understand? It's OK if you're a Republican! And it's even more "OK" if you're a Republican who "speaks his mind" and has "courage." Many Republicans are perfectly fine with being two-faced, if the adulterer is someone who stands up to Political Correctness.

This is a joke. Republicans who support Trump are a national embarrassment - and not only to the Republican Party. It is actually much worse than political hypocrisy. The many Christian conservatives support Donald Trump despite his well-documented character flaws bring shame upon the cross of Jesus Christ and His church. Unbelievers look at Christians who blasted Clinton in the 1990's and now support Trump, and they scoff and mock. It is shameful.

I can understand low-information voters supporting Trump. I understand the appeal of someone who is as brash as Trump has been. But for Christians - especially Christians who have spent a quarter century blasting Bill Clinton - to support Donald Trump is utterly repulsive.