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Conservatives need to stop this stupid celebrity worship!

By Scott Tibbs, August 14, 2015

With all of the "conservatives" praising people like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, I have to wonder if Jeffrey Dahmer would be the next celebrity "conservative" hero if it was discovered that Dahmer said something critical of Barack Obama before he was beaten to death in 1994.

Let's start with Donald Trump. Anyone who has spent a a few minutes honestly examining the man's record would know he is not a conservative and should not be trusted by the conservative base. Do I really need to repeat myself again? He supports ObamaCare. He supports the abominable Kelo decision, which allows government to steal land from private citizens and give it to developers. (Trump has personally used government as a mob enforcer in this way.) He is pro-abortion. He is a gun grabber. He has donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton.

Yet because Trump is a loudmouth who says things that are "politically incorrect," legions of "conservatives" who really ought to know better are lining up behind him. He is almost the perfect example of the fraudulent celebrity conservative, someone who has the "courage" to say controversial things while the Republican establishment cowers in fear of President Obama. Yet many of the other Republican candidates for President have also showed a great deal of courage and have been politically incorrect. The difference between them and Trump is that they actually have principles.

The perfect example of the fraudulent celebrity conservative, though, is former (current?) KGB thug Vladimir Putin. Because he said a few "conservative" things, memes started popping up all over social media favorably comparing Putin to Obama. In fact, many Christians who have a complete lack of discernment actually believed Putin when he publicly spoke against anti-Christian persecution. This would be laughable if it was no so sad. Putin is a former KGB apparatchik who worked for an explicitly atheist regime known for brutally persecuting Christians.

This has got to stop, people. It needs to stop right now. We have to stop lionizing celebrities just because they stir up anger among Leftists. This is especially true if those celebrities (like Putin and Trump) are complete and total frauds. There are so many articulate, thoughtful and educated conservatives who can make our case - or serve in elective office - without being a complete embarrassment. Many of those people, including many of the Republicans running for President, are also completely politically incorrect. And yet conservatives lionize frauds and thugs? Seriously?

We can do so much better. We should do better. We must do better.