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Donald Trump is not qualified to be President

By Scott Tibbs, July 31, 2015

What Donald Trump said about John McCain - smearing McCain's war record because he was captured, despite McCain's well documented heroism in captivity - is completely inexcusable and morally repugnant. I call on all decent Republicans (especially Republicans seeking the 2016 Republican nomination for President) to condemn and denounce Trump's despicable smear on John McCain.

And this is about much more than John McCain. Trump smeared all veterans by extension, not just McCain. Trump said "He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." That is a statement that applies to McCain, but is a statement of general principle too. The words trump willingly chose - in the heat of the moment or not - are a smear on all Americans who have ever been prisoners of war.

Plus, why should Trump's statement not be applied to war dead? Trump could have said "They're war heroes because they died for their country. I like people who weren't killed by the enemy." That could also apply to severely injured veterans, like the many who came home from Iraq and Afghanistan maimed. After all, according to Trump's "logic," shouldn't we honor those who were not injured over those who were?

And yes, obviously Trump has free speech rights. I cannot believe I actually saw that argument in his defense. There are consequences for smearing veterans, though, and one of those should be loss of political support from all decent Republicans who actually respect our veterans. I also have free speech to point out that Donald Trump is a morally repugnant clown who will never get my vote under any circumstances.

Yes, Republicans are longing for someone to be as aggressive as Trump has been, willing to take it to the Democrats and not back down when attacked. I addressed that issue earlier this month. It is too bad that so many Republicans have been blinded by his celebrity status and his willingness to say things that are "politically incorrect" that they see that need filled by a pro-abortion, gun grabbing, racist hate monger, liar, thug and thief.

Wake up, Republicans! Donald Trump is not a conservative. He has a long and well documented record of taking Leftist positions and supporting Democratic politicians. He's only saying the "right" things now because he knows he cannot get out of the Republican primary if he says what he truly believes. He is a shyster and a fraud of the highest order. In fact, I do not believe Trump has any principles at all, other than his own ego. At least Barack Obama believes in something. I do not agree with Obama's beliefs, but at least he has beliefs.

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee in 2016, I will vote for the Libertarian candidate for President.