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Republicans must not nominate Donald Trump!

By Scott Tibbs, September 22, 2015

Note: I sent this letter to the Indianapolis Star last week.

When Donald Trump was asked about partial-birth abortion in 1999, the very first words that came out of his mouth were "I am very pro-choice." It has been a while since partial-birth abortion has been discussed nationally, so many may not know what the procedure involves. Here is a refresher: The baby (in the second or third trimester of pregnancy" is delivered feet-first until only the head remains in the birth canal. The abortionist stabs the baby in the head, sucks out the brain and crushes the skull.

Trump has recently claimed to have converted to a pro-life viewpoint, just in time to run for President as a Republican. Does anyone actually believe that his "conversion" is genuine?

Trump supported the abominable Kelo vs. City of New London decision in 2005, in which the Supreme Court literally rewrote the Constitution's protections of our private property rights. Thanks to SCOTUS (supported by Trump) the government can now forcibly confiscate your home and give it to a private developer. Trump, of course, has used government to take people's property so he can build on the ground where his victims' homes used to be. No wonder he opposes private property rights.

Trump is not a conservative. And given the thousands upon thousands of dollars he has donated to Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, Trump cannot make a credible claim to being a Republican either. Republicans need to wake up. Do not nominate this man to lead our party in 2016.