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Donald Trump is wrong on immigration and September 11

By Scott Tibbs, October 28, 2015

Not only is Donald Trump repeating Democratic Party talking points in his attack on George W. Bush over the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, he shows that he is a fundamentally unserious candidate who does not understand the legislative process and is therefore unfit to be President of these United States.

First of all, Trump is wrong on the facts. Several of the terrorists got here before George W. Bush was President, so if there is blame to be placed for letting them into the country that blame should also fall on President Bill Clinton. Taking Bush to task for 9/11 while not mentioning Clinton at all is not surprising, given Trump's long and well-documented affiliation with the Clintons as well as his thousands of dollars of donations to Hillary Clinton's campaigns.

Let's say Americans has elected Trump in 2000. Even if Trump would have started pushing his 2015 immigration plan the moment he was sworn in, a major plan like that takes time to get passed - and that is assuming the Democrats were not able to completely block the plan in the U.S. Senate where Republicans only had a tiny sliver of a majority. Even if it had been passed, laws do not take effect immediately and then they have to be implemented. Trump's immigration plan would not have stopped the 9/11 terrorists from entering or staying in the country.

There have been arguments about immigration and September 11, and serious people (a group that does not include Trump) have been debating it for fourteen years. Trump's haphazard and sloppy way of inserting himself into the debate does nothing to actually address what could have been done differently. Trump, as usual, makes it all about his own ego with no actual grip on facts or how public policy works.