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Baron Hill exploits the poor for political gain

By Scott Tibbs, March 29, 2006

I got this press release in my e-mail inbox the other night. It looks like Citizens for Truth is going to be active again in the 2006 election cycle. Baron Hill was so incensed by CFT exposing his Leftist voting record that he pledged to work to pass more laws restrict freedom of speech. Thankfully, Hill was fired by the voters and was unable to pursue his freedom-destroying fantasy.


Citizens for Truth tells Baron Hill:
"Donít step over poor people"

BLOOMINGTON Ė Citizens for Truth today decried the exploitation of poor people in Bloomington by congressional candidate Baron Hill. "Baron Hill should not be stepping over poor people on his way to the mediaís cameras," said Bud Bernitt, president of Citizens for Truth.

When President Bush was at a fundraiser in Indianapolis last Friday, Hill exploited the occasion by making a public spectacle of volunteering for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank in a "combination political rally and support-raiser" at the Monroe County Courthouse. They called the event "the Anti Fat Cat" rally and the Bloomington Herald-Times reported, "Baron Hill hoped folks would notice."

Citizens for Truth noticed. "Baron Hill, who has been proclaiming his Christian values on the campaign trail and his campaign web site, might want to study Matthew 6:1-4 for how Christians are supposed to behave while giving to the poor," said Bernitt. "Hillís trumpeting of his own good works is in direct contrast to the values Hill claims to follow. We also think that the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, now run by the former Monroe County Democratic Party Chairman, should avoid being a prop for political rallies."

Citizens for Truth also noticed that while Baron Hill was behaving like a Pharisee in Bloomington, he seemingly "forgot" about his own fat-cat fundraisers. A Hill fundraiser in 2000 featured then-President Bill Clinton. (Source: highbeam.com) In the 2004 election cycle, Hill accepted PAC contributions from the campaign committees of "fat cat liberals" Barney Frank ($2000), Marion Berry ($2000), Nancy Pelosi ($1000), Charlie Rangel ($2000), and Sheila Jackson Lee ($1000). Nancy Pelosiís congressional committee also made two $2000 contributions to "Bring Back Baron" in November 2005. (Source: opensecrets.org)

"It seems like Baron Hill needs to take another Biblical lesson from Matthew 7:3-5 and take the beam out of his own eye before examining the speck in someone elseís eye," Bernitt said. "Shed no tears for fat cat Baron Hill, who outspent his opponent by nearly $350,000 in 2004."


Citizens for Truth ran radio advertisements, erected billboards, and posted www.WhereIsBaron.com during the 2004 election cycle to educate people about Baron Hillís positions on key issues of concern to Hoosiers. CFT is a "527" political group dedicated to informing the people of Indiana on the voting records, issue positions, actions and public statements of elected officials and candidates for public office. CFT is committed to promoting Hoosier family values and educating Hoosiers on issues relating to those values.

Bravo to CFT for pointing out that Baron Hill's actions are counter to his professed Christian faith. If ex-Congressman Hill is going to use his faith as a campaign prop, he can expect to be called on it when his campaign is conducted in violations of Christian principles.