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Baron Hill is a Communist

By Scott Tibbs, October 30, 2004

I was appalled (but not at all surprised) to find out that Congressman Baron Hill said on Bloomington's AM 1370 that he would vote to expand "campaign finance reform" to ban the "527" issue-advocacy groups. Baron Hill also dispatched his attorneys to try to intimidate radio stations into pulling the ads run by Citizens for Truth, the people who brought us WhereIsBaron.com.

Hill's attempts to undercut the first Amendment (first with his vote for M.F., then his attempt to intimidate radio stations, and then his vow to abuse his Congressional power to silence his critics) can be appropriately described as "ELF with an ink pen". The Earth Liberation Front does violence to our property and our homes, but Baron Hill is doing violence to our Constitution by disregarding the First Amendment.

Baron Hill actually wants to use the power of the federal government to engage in content-based censorship of political speech he dislikes. While some people might think that this despicable activity is confined to the former Soviet Union or Red China, Baron Hill shows that there are enemies of freedom in the halls of Congress.

Baron Hill, with his attack on free speech, is urinating on the graves of all of the veterans who sacrificed their lives to defend liberty. What does it say to the soldiers who went to Afghanistan to defend freedom when people like Baron Hill is attacking freedom here at home? Baron Hill should be ashamed of himself.