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Creation and evolution

By Scott Tibbs, March 2, 2009

I believe in a literal 6-day creation of the universe by an omnipotent God, as described in the book of Genesis. I believe that the odds against life evolving the way the theory of evolution describes are far too great for it to actually have happened. Nonetheless, I find debates and arguments with atheists about creationism vs. evolution to be a waste of time. There is little anyone on either side is going to do to change the other side's mind, since both are basically statements of faith.

Nonetheless, I think Christians who push for intelligent design to be taught in government schools as a theory alongside evolution should find something better to do. By fighting this battle, Christians are effectively tilting at windmills. Even if we get intelligent design approved for instruction in government schools, which religion will we pick as the origin? Will we correctly choose the God of the Bible, or will we choose the "god" of Islam or the "gods" of Hinduism? In a society that increasingly rejects true Christian doctrine, we open up a can of worms by introducing the supernatural into a science class.

Christians who do not want their children exposed to evolution at all would be better off home-schooling their children or having them taught in a private Christian school where they can learn creationism. I spent 5 years in the government school system before transferring to Grace Baptist Academy, and another 4 and a half years at a state university and I have yet to be convinced that evolution is true. If Christian parents do a good job teaching their children about the Biblical case for creationism at home and at church, there is little the government schools can do to shake their faith.