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If Baron Hill has a solution, then let's hear it

Indianapolis Star, December 9, 2007

To the Editor:

Congressman Baron Hill, a member of the exceedingly unpopular House of Representatives led by San Fransisco's own Nancy Pelosi, recently said that Governor Mitch Daniels' property tax reform plan is "unfair". While the plan is not perfect, it would save taxpayer dollars and provide permanent tax relief. Hill avoided providing something positive and simply complained.

Tax reform is a huge issue, and contributed to the defeat of Hill's fellow Democrat, Bart Peterson, in the Indianapolis mayor's race this year. Peterson was thought to be unbeatable. Hill is out of touch with Hoosier concerns on taxes, another reason for 9th District voters to replace him in 2008.

The governor's fair and far-reaching plan provides a blueprint to lessen the burden that skyrocketing tax bills have caused, as well as a permanent fix for a system that has plagued taxpayers for years. The positive bipartisan response to the plan stands in contrast to Hillís opposition.

Doesn't Baron Hill have enough to do representing Ninth District voters in Congress? Or is this professional politician laying the groundwork to run for state office?

It is abundantly clear to everyone but Baron Hill that Hoosiers need the tax relief that Danielsí plan seeks to provide.

Scott Tibbs