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Criticisms of Baron Hill are based on facts

By Scott Tibbs, October 23, 2006

Trudy Marsischky, an elected Democratic precinct committeeperson, complains about mailers criticizing Barton Hill in her letter to the Herald-Times.

You defame and lie to get your way. You charge Democrats - Baron Hill - with being for abortion. We are not for abortion.

The obvious question is similar to one I have asked previously: why are Democrats not for abortion? Is there something wrong with the act of abortion? Does abortion cause harm to something or someone? If Democrats are not "for" abortion, why do we see so many Democrats oppose efforts to limit abortion every time such restrictions are introduced?

The National Right to life Committee notes that there have been over 47,000,000 abortions since 1973. That is over 1.3 million per year, nearly 3,800 abortions per day, 157 abortions per hour, and 2.6 abortions per minute. If Democrats are not "for" abortion, they sure have a strange way of showing it. Pointing out this record, and the river of blood that flows from the policies advocated by Baron Hill, is not a "lie".

In fact, Baron Hill changed his position on abortion in 1990 when he was running for a Senate seat. Why would someone who was pro-life as a state legislator switch sides?

Marsischky claims it is a "LIE" that Democrats have abandoned traditional marriage. Why, then, did Baron Hill vote in 2004 against a bill introduced by John Hostettler to protect marriage from federal judges who would force homosexual marriage on the states? If Baron Hill does not support homosexual marriage, why did he vote against a bill that would make sure the question stays with the people and their elected representatives?

Claiming that criticisms of Baron Hill's voting record are "lies" in ALL CAPS won't change the facts. Hopefully the voters of the 9th district will see through this charade.