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Alfred Kinsey personifies evil

By Scott Tibbs, November 16, 2004

My latest column is up over at Hoosier Review. While I would never toot my own horn, I highly recommend this column, because it sheds the light on what kind of a "newspaper" we have here in Monroe County. As an aside, I cancelled my subscription to the print edition of the al-Jazeera Herald-Times today.

Now, on to the topic of Alfred Kinsey's "research". I wrote in my column that Kinsey's work was "closer to that of Nazi maniac Josef Mengele than real science". Why is that? The answer is the children of Table 34. Kinsey collected "data" on how children, some as young as infants responded to sexual contact with adults.

Kinsey apologists try to argue that he only "collected" this data from interviews, and that he did not perform these Nazi-like experiments himself. They also argue that he got the "data" from only one monster, "Mr. Green", as if these excuses somehow excuse the horrific crimes of Alfred Kinsey and, by extension, Indiana University.

Kinsey, at the very least, tolerated the brutal abuse of children in order to collect "data" for his "research". Kinsey did not turn "Mr. Green" into the authorities despite the evil crimes that "Mr. Green" admitted to Kinsey. Thanks to Kinsey shirking his moral duty as a human being, "Mr. Green" remained free to victimize who knows how many more children.

Kinsey apologists complain that conservative groups are trying to discredit Kinsey's "research" based on his personal character. I would argue that Kinsey's personal character is at the very heart of the question of whether or not we can trust his "research". If the "researcher" is known to be a monster, how can you believe his conclusions? Would you trust the work of Josef Mengele?

Is it possible that "Mr. Green" lied, or at least exaggerated, in his statements to Kinsey? Perhaps, but that throws even more doubt on Kinsey's "research", which would then be based on fraud.

It is time for Indiana University to end decades of allegiance to a man who, like Mengele, personifies evil. It is long past time for the federal and state governments to use the power of the purse strings to put pressure on Indiana University to close the Kinsey Institute.