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Hitting Baron Hill's record

Bloomington Herald-Times, March 12, 2002

To the Editor:

Baron Hill took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution as a member of Congress. He broke that oath last month by voting for the brazenly unconstitutional Shays-Meehan "campaign finance reform" bill. Shays-Meehan violates the First Amendment by banning advertisements from issue-advocacy groups that mention a federal candidate 60 days before the general election. This is an outrageous attempt to regulate the content of political speech.

Why would Congressman Hill vote for such a clearly unconstitutional bill? Perhaps he wants to hide from his record. Hill voted against a bill that would ban what critics call "partial-birth abortion" in 2000, according to the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. Hill also voted against President Bush's proposal to let the American people keep more of what we earn. Hill's vote siding with the pro-abortion fringe and his vote against tax cuts are not in line with Hoosiers in the 9th District.

In addition, Baron Hill took $7500 from the organized crime-connected Laborers International Union of North America in 1998. Hill also accepted $6000 from the Midwest Region Laborers' Political League, the PAC of LIUNA's Midwest affiliate, in the 1999-2000 election cycle and another $1000 from them in the current election cycle, according to http://www.congress.org. For more information on LIUNA, visit http://www.heritage.org/library/categories/govern/bgup281.html on the Heritage Foundation Web page, or read a report from the National Legal and Policy Center at http://www.nlpc.org/olap/liuna/failure/fail1_01.htm.

With this record, it is not surprising that Baron Hill would vote to restrict free speech with unconstitutional "reform" bills.

Scott Tibbs.