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It's the People's money!

Bloomington Herald-Times, August 9, 2001

To the Editor:

As Hoosiers receive tax refund checks thanks to President Bush, it's appropriate to consider who is entitled to the money that we earn. Most people reasonably think that after an honest day's work, the compensation they get for their labor belongs to them. Unfortunately, Washington elitists like Congressman Baron Hill appear to think that the money you earn doesn't belong to you at all.

President Bush signed a tax relief package that will benefit every American who pays taxes. In comparison to the large federal budget surplus and the massive size of the federal budget, the President's tax relief package is actually rather small. It's a good start, and I have confidence that Bush will push for more tax relief.

But liberals like Baron Hill, Richard Gephardt, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank opposed the President's tax relief package every step of the way. CNN reported that Hill was among the Democrats who tried to delay the bill's passage with procedural maneuverings. Hill and others claimed the President's tax relief was "irresponsible". Apparently, Congressman Hill needs to study history. Tax rates were significantly lower after President Reagan left office than when he was elected, but tax revenues had nearly doubled in those eight years.

Tax relief is not "irresponsible", Mr. Hill. What is irresponsible is to keep taxing the wealth of the American people at the high rates we currently do. Southeast Indiana needs a Congressman who recognizes that Washington can do with less. Hoosiers deserve a break.

Scott Tibbs.