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IUPUI research would be good choice for surplus

To the editor:

The Associated Press reported Sunday that IU President Myles Brand is attempting to secure funding for a biomedical research park at IU-Purdue University Indianapolis. I believe this is an excellent project for the Indiana Legislature to spend resources on. IUPUI is one of the leading centers for medical research in the country. In the area of testicular cancer research, IUPUI is one of the world leaders in finding a cure for this particular type of cancer. As both an IU alumnus and a testicular cancer survivor, I am glad IU has taken the lead in this area of medical research.

Indiana has a $2 billion budget surplus. Many legislators want to give the surplus back to hard-working Indiana residents in tax relief. Certainly, this is a good use of the surplus. But saving lives is also a very good use of the surplus, and a biomedical research park at IUPUI would do just that. $125 million over five years to build a biomedical research park at IUPUI may seem steep, but it is bargain-basement value compared with the lives it will save.

Even in a fiscally conservative state, both Republicans and Democrats should support this initiative. This biomedical research park will not only provide life-saving treatments for cancer and other diseases, but it will provide an outlet for economic growth and a diversification of the state's economy. Not only will this park save lives, but it is a wise fiscal investment as well.

I encourage IU students, IU alumni and Indiana residents alike to support President Brand's initiative on the biomedical research park at IUPUI. Please call your state representative and state senator and tell them to support this initiative. The number for the state Senate is 1-800-382-9467. For the state House of Representatives, call 1-800-382-9842 for a Democratic member or 1-800-382-9841 to reach a Republican member.

Scott Tibbs.