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Sink-Burris is the choice in Senate race

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, October 15, 1998

To the Editor:

As Election Day approaches, I have made my decision on which the best candidate for U.S. Senate is, and that candidate is Rebecca Sink-Burris. Despite my strong support for the Republican Party, I will be voting Libertarian in November, because I am a conservative first.

Unfortunately, Sink-Burris is not a perfect candidate. For example, I disagree with her support for term limits, as I believe the voters should have the freedom to vote for whomever they want. I also strongly disagree with her pro-choice views. I believe this is inconsistent with a Libertarian position, because without the right to life, all our other rights are meaningless.

But given the other two candidates in the race, Sink-Burris is the logical choice. During the debate on Oct. 5, both Evan Bayh and Paul Helmke responded to questions about what they would do about any given problem with new government programs. Sink-Burris, however, correctly questioned whether big-government solutions are the correct answer, and pointed out that government in many situations actually makes the problem worse.

The top marginal tax rate is 39 percent. This sort of heavy-handed confiscation of income in peacetime is not only completely unnecessary, but is immoral. And that does not count the other taxes the federal government imposes on us, like the payroll tax, capital gains tax, and alcohol and tobacco taxes. It also does not count the hidden taxes government regulations impose on us.

Rebecca Sink-Burris realizes that the federal government, with its heavy-handed regulations and insanely high tax rates, is a hindrance to progress.

Like Ronald Reagan before her, Sink-Burris knows that if you remove the shackles of government, the American people will do great things. Please vote for Rebecca Sink-Burris, the only true fiscal conservative in this race.

Scott Tibbs.