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Clinton smears himself

September 24, 1998

To the editor:

The recent revelations about extramarital affairs by Representatives Dan Burton, Helen Chenoweth, and Henry Hyde have only served to make me even more disgusted what is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most morally bankrupt President in American history. Clinton claims the White House is not involved in these smears, but anyone with any common sense whatsoever can logically conclude that Clinton is lying about this as he lies about everything else. Do you really think those 900 FBI Files were not in the White House for a reason?

First of all, I cannot condone breaking of marriage vows by those three Representatives. But let's not fool ourselves. Burton and Chenoweth's affairs were more than fourteen years ago, before they were in Congress. Hyde's affair was thirty years ago. They did not break the law to cover up the affairs, like Clinton did. They also admitted the affairs as soon as their indiscretions became public, facing up to their mistakes. Clinton has no such sense of honor.

The smear on Hyde was particularly disgusting. Hyde has been one of the most respected members of Congress for over twenty years. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have rebuked those responsible for digging up this thirty-year-old affair.

It is obvious that, in an attempt to distract from his own indiscretions, Clinton and his cronies are pursuing a "scorched earth" strategy to damage as many Republicans as possible. This way, Clinton defenders can say, "everybody does it". Clinton can only make himself look good by dragging everyone else down with him. But no matter how many Republicans fall victim to the White House character assassination scheme, it will never erase President Clinton's lawbreaking. "Everybody" does not break the law. Americans should reject this scorched earth strategy and demand impeachment.

Scott Tibbs.