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Hunting, morality, and the animal kingdom

By Scott Tibbs, February 18, 2014

We often hear from the militant animal rights crowd that hunting specifically, and eating meat generally, is "immoral." They yell "meat is murder" in between taking hits on the bong. But one critical question is frequently ignored by animal rights extremists, because they now they cannot answer it:

Is it immoral for animals to hunt and kill each other for food?

The reason they do not want to answer this question (and will often personally attack the person who asks the question) is because they know that no matter how they answer, they will refute their own warped ideology. If they say it is not immoral for a lion (or any other carnivore) to hunt animals for food, then it is not immoral for humans to do the same. If they say it is immoral, they have proven themselves to be completely ignorant about science.

The only way it can be "immoral" for humans to eat meat while it is not immoral for animals to do the same is if humans are somehow above the animal kingdom. Christians, of course, know this to be the case because the Bible says we are made in the image of God - and Christian doctrine is incompatible with the view that eating meat is "immoral."

So where do they get this doctrine? From Gaia? Setting aside the fact that Gaia is a demon, where can we find a text that we can determine in some reliable way that it is a commandment of Gaia?

Some would argue humans do not need meat to survive (which is true) or that vegetarianism is healthier than a balanced diet that includes meat. (Which is debatable.) Neither of those, however, are not moral arguments. We all know instinctively that eating meat is normal and natural for human beings, and PETA 's ranting cannot change that.

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