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Ingrid Newkirk's doctrines of devils

By Scott Tibbs, January 13, 2010

Yesterday, I reposted an article I wrote in 2007 on the front page, making the point that Jesus was not a vegetarian. Allow me to follow up on that statement.

There are people who are vegetarians (or who consume much less meat than the average American) for reasons of personal health. There are others who avoid eating much meat because they are concerned about the conditions of animals raised in "factory farms." All of this is fine and I have no problem with these positions. I disagree with the position that a meat-free diet is the healthiest diet, but I can respect that opinion and those who hold that position.

What I do not respect is the blasphemous heresy that a vegetarian diet is required to be a good Christian. This is in direct conflict with Scripture, which teaches that Jesus Christ ate meat. But it is not the fact that this heresy is in conflict with Scripture itself that makes it so blasphemous. What is really offensive is that the so-called "Christians" who advocate this position are claiming to be more righteous than Jesus Christ.

Given the historical fact that Jesus Christ ate meat, the theology that a vegetarian diet is closer to God's will makes the vegetarian more righteous than our Redeemer who gave his life on the cross as a perfect sacrifice to take away our sins. Obviously, under this blasphemous heresy Jesus was not the perfect Lamb of God. Instead He had flaws that more enlightened modern hippies have overcome by "choosing life for all beings."

If you want to be a vegetarian for your own personal health, fine. If you want to be a vegetarian because you worship the earth "goddess" Gaia, that is also fine. But you should not pretend to be a "Christian" while you spew the blasphemous heresy that you are more righteous than Jesus Christ and that you are more enlightened than our Father in Heaven. Just admit that your faith is in a false pagan "god" and not the one true God of the Bible.