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Eating meat is normal and natural

By Scott Tibbs, June 2, 2011

With the news that Mark Zuckerberg will only eat what he personally kills, the hippies at PETA have questioned whether "Zuckerberg is missing the empathy gene" and sent him vegan "gift" basket.

Of course, this set off the usual debate about whether eating meat is morally justifiable, including "arguments" that Christianity prohibits eating meat. Of course, that is not true. Not only is that a fabrication, it is a blasphemous heresy and a doctrine of devils. People who advance this damnable lie should repent or risk eternal damnation in Hell. The so-called "jesus" these people worship is a false god that has nothing to do with the Jesus of the Bible.

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Once this damnable blasphemy is rightly dismissed, Zuckerberg's behavior is something that could be emulated. He is doing this as a personal challenge and character-building exercise. In an age where self-control is almost nonexistent, taking up any challenge that forces you to discipline yourself is a good thing. So this has me thinking - what challenge can I take to discipline myself and build character? It is a valuable question to ask.