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Bloomington should stop subsidizing Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, December 8, 2008

In the wake of a sex abuse scandal where a Planned Parenthood employee attempted to cover up what she believed was the sexual abuse of a 13 year old girl by a 31 year old man, here is a list of the corporate welfare that the Bloomington City Council has given to Planned Parenthood over the last ten years. When the City Council votes to distribute the limited social services funds next summer, will they give the money to organizations that actually need it, or will they again use city funds to give a political endorsement to a billion-dollar corporation that is nationally known for being an accessory to sexual abuse of children?

2008Colposcopy Assistance Program$2,500
2007Voucher program for reproductive services$5,300
2006To install cabinetry and purchase files and furniture for the front desk renovation$2,440
2005Security cameras and equipment for the facility at 421 S. College Ave.$1,500
2004To purchase 6 sets of cervical biopsy equipment$2,923
2003To purchase four computers for its 421 South College facility$3,600
2002To purchase an autoclave for the purpose of sterilizing instruments$1,495
2001To purchase equipment to test for anemia$1,394
2000Teen Education$2000
1999Medical Exam Table$5,000

I have been saying for several years now that Planned Parenthood's repeated requests for a handout from city government is little more than cynical politics. Planned Parenthood does not need the money they get from the city each year, and these requests represent little more than a political endorsement from city government. Some of the reasons for the funding requests for Planned Parenthood were especially weak, and had nothing to do with the stated priorities on the Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee to provide "funds for basic services" such as "food, shelter or healthcare".

Tell me, what does a $1,500 grant for security cameras and equipment (2005) have to do with food, shelter or healthcare? What does a $2,440 grant for a front desk renovation (2006) have to do with food, shelter or healthcare? The request in 2003 was one of the worst, when the abortion clinic received $3,600 in corporate welfare to purchase four computers. Those types of projects should come from Planned Parenthood's operating funds, not from a program designed to provide social services to low-income residents of Bloomington.

Planned Parenthood's gravy train should have been derailed years ago, when it became clear that this was about nothing more than a pro-abortion political agenda. These grant requests are a slap in the face to other social service organizations that actually need the money that went to Planned Parenthood, as well as the people served by those social service organizations. They have disrespected charitable organizations that actually need money and they have disrespected the City Council and the taxpayers you with these cynical and politically motivated requests. In April and May of 2009, the Social Services Funding Committee and the Bloomington City Council should tell Planned Parenthood that they will not receive one more penny of corporate welfare.

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