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Sex abuse scandal rocks Bloomington Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, December 5, 2008

Bloomington's Planned Parenthood branch became mired in a sex abuse scandal this week when a shocking video revealed that a Planned Parenthood employee was instructing a 13 year old girl how to cover up sexual relations with a 31 year old man. The girl in the video was Lila Rose, a 20 year old UCLA student who is president of Live Action Films. Rose has gone undercover and exposed other Planned Parenthood "clinics" before coming to Bloomington.

Defenders of Planned Parenthood protest that there was no actual "crime" because Rose is not 13. That statement is disingenuous and ignores the main point. The Planned Parenthood "nurse" believed that Rose was 13 and instructed her to lie about the age of her baby's father. Given the knowledge she had, this "nurse" knowingly broke Indiana law. This "nurse" knowingly attempted to cover up the sexual abuse of a minor, and that is sick and depraved.

While it is true that no actual abuse was covered up, the video raises an obvious and very disturbing question. How many times has this happened at the Bloomington Planned Parenthood when it was not caught on tape and posted on the Internet? How many underage girls have been encouraged by Planned Parenthood staff to lie about the sexual predators who are getting underage girls pregnant? I believe it is time for a full investigation by the offices of Monroe County Prosecutor Chris Gaal, as well as the Indiana Attorney General's Office.

For ten years, I have urged the Bloomington City Council to not give corporate welfare to Bloomington's Planned Parenthood, because PP operates an abortion clinic where unborn babies are murdered every Thursday. I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see that Planned Parenthood is now applying for corporate welfare from county government too.

With the release of this video, it is long past time for city and county government to cut off funds from Planned Parenthood. It is outrageous that the Monroe County Council would even consider giving any further corporate welfare to PP in the wake of a sex abuse scandal. Next Summer, the sex abuse scandal should cause the Bloomington City Council to finally cut off the flow of corporate welfare to this abortion clinic.

It is also unfortunate that the social services funding package is the first thing on the agenda for the 4:30 meeting on December 9, a time when many people are still at work. This schedule appears to be designed to avoid and stifle public comment on the proposal.

While the video is shocking, is it really a surprise that Planned Parenthood staff would cover up sexual abuse? Let's be brutally honest here. At Planned Parenthood, unborn babies are dismembered for money. This is an organization that makes money from killing children. It should come as no surprise that we would find a sex abuse scandal coming from an organization founded on such extreme moral depravity.