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There is no such thing as a Flight 93 election

By Scott Tibbs, September 17, 2020

The title of this post feels like it belongs in 2016, which is why I scrapped my earlier mental draft of it. But I keep seeing the same sorts of arguments I saw four years ago, with the volume turned up. And that is why this needs to be said, by me and by sensible people who have a much bigger audience than I do.

First, I will stipulate the following: Joe Biden is worse than Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris (who is the Democrats' real nominee) is far worse than that. The radicals in the Democrats' base are more militant and more willing to be violent than they were four years ago. It is perfectly reasonable to see Donald Trump as a bulwark against them and the culture war targeting Christians and conservatives.

But as Christians, we need to be very clear about something: King Jesus is on the throne. He has been granted all authority in Heaven and on Earth. There can be no judgment or calamity that falls on this nation unless it is allowed by His holy will. God is sovereign over all things, including whoever the President turns out to be on January 20, 2021. We must have faith that the Lord is in control.

This is not a call to fatalism or passivity. Christians should be speaking in the public square. Christians should vote in line with Scripture, wise counsel and their own consciences. Some Christians should be working on campaigns and even running for office. But we should do so out of a spirit of patriotism and Christian duty, not out of a sense of terror at what President Kamala Harris will do to us.

Above all else, we should pray: For our leaders, for our enemies, for civil servants, and for revival and repentance. We should pray for God to protect us, and have faith that He is sovereign over all things. We should take comfort in Proverbs 21:1, because the king's heart is in the hand of God, and He turns it wherever He will. Do not give in to fear pr put your faith in politics. Trust the King of the Universe.

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