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Democrats nominate Kamala Harris to be President

By Scott Tibbs, August 24, 2020

The nominees for Vice President have always been important, because there is always a chance that the VP will need to step up and become President. But the choice of running mate has never been more important than it is in 2020, due to Joe Biden's age and health. It is highly likely that if you vote for Biden, you are actually voting for Kamala Harris to become President. With that in mind, let's examine her record.

Let's start with Harris' record as a prosecutor. She covered up corruption in the police drug lab, sending innocent people to prison due to tainted drug test results. This resulted in over 600 cases getting overturned. She then claimed the judge in the case had a conflict of interest - a classic distraction tactic. Harris also refused to allow a DNA test in a capital murder case, which no one legitimately concerned with justice would ever do. Harris promised to be a prosecutor President. If that comes true, civil liberties are dead.

Alexandra DeSanctis pointed out at National Review that Kamala Harris "believes Catholics are unfit to serve in our nation’s courts." The most outrageously hypocritical question she asked was whether a judicial nominee knew that the Knights of Columbus opposed same-sex marriage when he joined the organization. Well, did Kamala Harris know that Barack Obama opposed same-sex marriage when she supported his campaign to become President in 2008 - fifteen years after Brian Buescher joined the Knights of Columbus?

Kamala Harris also endorsed the Jussie Smollett hoax, without any evidence to back up his story. As I pointed out in February 2019, Smollett fully intended on sending innocent men going to prison with his hoax, and the woman who promised to be a "prosecutor President" endorsed the hoax. How many innocent people will have their lives destroyed by the Justice Department during a Harris Administration? Harris does not support victims of hate crimes. Fake Hate crimes make a mockery of the pain of real victims. Pushing this hoax, by itself, ought to automatically disqualify her from being Vice President.

There are many more examples of Kamala Harris's radical authoritarianism and corruption, such as promising to ban private insurance and kick tens of millions of Americans off their insurance plans. But let's be perfectly clear here. It is very likely that Biden will not make it through his first term, meaning that his VP nominee will be President of the United States before the 2024 presidential election begins. The 2020 election is not between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The 2020 election is between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris. The Trump campaign needs to campaign against her as if she was the nominee.

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