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Donald Trump's ego is a problem that we cannot hide from

By Scott Tibbs, September 1, 2020

I took a bit of heat for my post last week criticizing Donald Trump's focus on ego over policy, so let me take this opportunity to not apologize, and also to double down.

My post was defending Trump against accusations that he is a fan of extremist groups and conspiracy theories. That accusation has come from both Never Trump "conservatives" and the Left, and the allegation is both unfair and untrue. Trump is not and extremist or an ally of extremists. He is actually a pretty mainstream conservative, when you look at the policy he has implemented as President.

But he is an egomaniac. That is has been plainly obvious for the entire time he has been in public life, and it is a bad thing. It is especially important for Christians recognize and rebuke this, because our loyalty must be to Jesus Christ. Scripture says God resists the proud. (James 4:6)

There are good things and bad things about Trump. On policy, Trump has been solid. He has been a staunch ally of social conservatives, defended religious freedom, due process and the right to life. But his personal character is still a problem. It is not good that he is an egomaniac. I will continue to defend and support Trump when he deserves it, and I will continue to criticize him when he deserves it. In other words, I call it like I see it. I am not going to reflexively praise and defend him when he's wrong.

It harms our Christian witness us when we refuse to recognize the man's flaws, and it harms voters' view of the GOP. We have to look beyond the end of our noses and realize our future credibility is at stake, as Republicans and especially as Christians. Donald Trump is my President and I am voting for him in November. Trump is not my god, and he never will be. Trump is not my messiah, and he never will be.

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