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Is Donald Trump the QAnon President?

By Scott Tibbs, August 26, 2020

I remember when Donald Trump was reluctant to denounce the "alt right" back in 2016, and there was a great deal of consternation about it. I was personally very disturbed by the way Trump dealt with the alt-right. Was the Republican Party's nominee for President really sympathetic to a loose coalition of racists, anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists and such? Well... no. Not really.

This is something you have to understand about Trump: The man is an egomaniac. He is in love with himself and his own image. He adores anyone who praises him, for that reason. This is why Trump will attack people who criticize him, even if they vote with him most of the time, while praising someone who votes against him on policy. Is this a good way to deal with politics? Is this a good way to get a policy agenda passed? Obviously not. But to understand Trump's actions, you have to understand this about his personality.

So this brings me to QAnon, a group that grew out of an anonymous poster's messages on notorious troll forum 4Chan. QAnon believes, among other things, that there is a worldwide cabal of child sex traffickers that are trying to take down President Trump in a coup. When Trump was asked about QAnon, he said "They like me." And that, my dear readers, is all you need to know. Trump loves anyone who praises him.

A lot of people think Trump is playing "four dimensional chess" to confound the Left or that he is a radical and extreme candidate unlike anything we have seen before. Nope. He is just an egomaniac who needs praise all the time, and reacts very badly to even the mildest criticism. For example, see his months-long hateful vendetta against Megyn Kelly for asking him a reasonable question in 2015.

Trump's personality is very simple and easy to understand. Once you see Trump for who he is, his motives and actions become much clearer. Again, this is not a good way to look at the world, but it is nowhere near and dark and nefarious or crazy as Trump's critics would have you believe. It becomes much easier to let it slide when Trump says something silly, which is much better for your stress level and blood pressure.

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