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Nothing can justify those riots in Minneapolis

By Scott Tibbs, June 4, 2020

The police officer who killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck while Floyd begged for his life acted in an abominable manner, and absolutely should be prosecuted. Police brutality is inexcusable, and Officer Derek Chauvin should face severe punishment if convicted by a jury. There is wide agreement on this among both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives, liberals and moderates.

Peaceful protest against this act of depravity is good. I have attended a Black Lives Matter rally, I spoke against the city's purchase of a Bearcat armored vehicle, and I was the only city council candidate in 2015 to oppose the city's failed effort to purchase a Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) military vehicle. Burning down buildings and looting stores is not "protest" - it is a violent act.

But the police officer's crime does not justify or mitigate the violent actions of thugs and criminals, and it does not "glorify violence" for a public official to be openly speaking of actions to stop the rioting and bring calm to the city. Obviously Donald Trump was right to call for stronger intervention to end the riots.

But something that we should all agree on is being turned into a partisan issue by Democrats. Elizabeth Warren falsely accused Trump of "calling for violence against Black Americans," adding that Trump is advocating for "illegal, state-sponsored killing." Twitter muted one of Trump's tweets, falsely claiming the President was "glorifying violence."

Trump's tweet did not glorify violence. Elizabeth Warren, the censors at Twitter and everyone else repeating this claim is straight up lying. It is boringly normal across all of human history for the government to use the sword to protect the innocent. We see this from liberating Europe from Nazi tyranny in World War II to putting down riots to arresting serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer.

By Twitter's own so-called "rules" every single Tweet posted last year honoring the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion is "glorifying violence." This is not an application of the "rules." This is partisan virtue signaling by a company increasingly under fire for not censoring the President's angry rants.

Furthermore, please spare me the appeals to "christian" faith here regarding Trump's statement about shutting down a riot. Deadly force against violent aggression is 100% perfectly in line with Biblical doctrine - especially Romans 13, which explains that the civil magistrate bears the sword against the wicked.

Those who are saying that Trump and others are advocating force against "protesters" or blacks generally are smearing the protesters and spreading racist propaganda against blacks. Protesting is not rioting, and most blacks are not engaged in rioting.

As I explained on Monday, I am disgusted by President Trump's childish outbursts on Twitter. I did not vote for Trump in the Republican primary this past Tuesday. But as depraved as Trump's language has been, the Democrats say "hold my beer" and prove themselves to be so much worse by defending the rioters and lying about a legitimate use of force. Their behavior regarding the riots has been abominable. I am still voting for Trump in November, despite his rantings. I do not want the Democrats in charge.

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