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Donald Trump's depraved behavior on Twitter

By Scott Tibbs, June 1, 2020

Donald Trump needs to realize that ranting on Twitter is a net political negative for him, especially when he is posting Looney Tunes nonsense about Joe Scarborough murdering an intern. It is embarrassing to see the President of these United States behave like this.

This is what drives me crazy about Trump. On policy, he has been solid. He has been tough on Russia, tough on China, pro-life, and a defender of the First Amendment. We got significant tax cuts and a restoration of due process for men accused of sexual crimes. Trump has been far better than I expected him to be on policy, and has earned my vote in the November general election based on that.

Then he gets obsessed with a political vendetta and starts tweeting conspiracy theory foolishness. The general public would see Trump as a much better President if he would just discipline himself and not post this idiocy on Twitter. The Trump fans who love this sort of thing are going to love him no matter what, but he risks alienating moderates who he needs to defeat Joe Biden in the suburbs.

Look, Trump knows that Scarborough did not kill anyone. Scarborough was in Washington D.C. when Laurie Klausutis passed out and hit her head, likely due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Trump just throwing mud to throw mud, and it is well beneath the office of the President. So what exactly is the point here? Why is Trump determined to pound on this farce?

Trump's vile smear of Scarborough aside, who we should really sympathize with is the Klausutis family, who is having this young woman's death exploited for a childish little man's social media rants, while also having her reputation dragged through the mud nearly twenty years after her tragic death. It is morally abominable for the President of these United States to be acting this way.

Trump needs to stop this. He has much more important things to do than act like a monkey throwing feces. It demeans the office and coarsens the culture, and even many of his supporters find it disgusting.

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