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Women in combat is immoral and makes America weaker

By Scott Tibbs, February 22, 2016

I was shocked and dismayed to see Republican candidates for President endorse registering women for the draft, a truly stupid position that will make our military weaker and subject American women to being raped - possibly brutally gang raped - by Muslim terrorists. Republicans are siding with Barack Obama against our national security! I posted a quote on on Facebook about the realities of ground combat and I strongly suggest that everyone read it.

Look, I realize we live in a society that hates distinctions and generalizations, but the reality is what it is: Men are bigger, faster, stronger and more durable than women. As Rich Lowry points out in National Review: "The top 25 percent of females in anaerobic power overlapped with the bottom 25 percent of males; the top 10 percent of females in anaerobic capacity overlapped with the bottom 50 percent of males." Women are also more injury-prone.

Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule. Even though I outweigh mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey by twenty pounds and I am three inches taller, if I ever got into a fight with her I would be completely obliterated. Even if you matched her up with me from 20 years ago, I would be dominated. But as I have pointed out before, limited exceptions to a general truth do not invalidate that general truth. Rousey is tough as nails and I would never want to cross her physically, but against an actual male soldier in ground combat, she would lose and lose badly.

I said on Twitter last week that "if you support women in combat, you are pro-rape." That is true. Horrific as it is, rape has been a weapon of war all throughout human history. We saw it in the Yugoslavian civil war, and we are seeing it today in the Islamic State's rampage across Syria and Iraq. Do we really want to intentionally subject our women to that, given that capture is inevitable in any war?

There is absolutely no military need to send women to fight, kill and die in a war. The only reason to do this is to be Politically Correct and serve a deranged egalitarianism. It will make out military weaker, cause more women (and men) to be maimed and killed, and subject our female soldiers to sexual torture at the hands of our enemies. It is a grossly immoral decision that should be reversed by the next President.

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