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Lowering the standards for women in combat

By Scott Tibbs, January 7, 2014

Last year, when I blogged about President Obama's barbaric decision to place women in combat I pointed out the danger of reducing physical fitness standards for women in the armed forces. (See here and here and here.) Now it comes out that new physical fitness standards will be delayed because more than half of women cannot meet the standards for physical strength.

Officials felt there wasn’t a medical risk to putting the new standard into effect as planned across the service, but that the risk of losing recruits and hurting retention of women already in the service was unacceptably high, (Capt. Maureen Krebs) said.

It is shameful that Barack Obama, our commander-in-chief, has overseen this farce. If he was truly concerned about women in the military - to say nothing of military readiness - he would make it clear that no standards would be delayed, revised, lowered or otherwise gender-normed.

It does not help women to be held to lower standards so that they can get into combat jobs. Regardless of what radical feminists might feel, the military's job is not to be a laboratory for social experimentation. The military's job is to kill people and break things. Unqualified women who are put into combat jobs in the name of Political Correctness are a danger to their own physical safety and the safety of their comrades, in addition to being a drag on completing the mission.Our enemies are not going to go easy on us because we want to please NOW or the Feminist Majority.

Beyond physical fitness, there are many reasons to keep women out of combat. There is the moral dimension of it, and God's commandment for men to protect women. There are concerns about unit cohesion, and there is the unique vulnerability of women captured by a ruthless enemy - especially when that ruthless enemy is a Muslim terrorist group or Muslim-led rogue state like Iran. But even if we were to brush those aside, it is obvious that women should be required to meet the same physical fitness standards as men in order to serve in combat.

This decision is a disaster and the next Republican President needs to reverse it. Hopefully, the Republicans in Congress will muster the intestinal fortitude to vigorously oppose this anti-woman decision.