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The history of corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, May 30, 2014

Following is a history of the funds granted to Planned Parenthood by the Bloomington City Council over the last fifteen years through the Jack Hopkins social services funding program.

1999Medical exam table$5,000.00
2000Teen education (Community Development Block Grants)$2,000.00
2001Equipment to test for anemia$1,394.00
2002Autoclave for sterilizing instruments$1,495.00
2003Purchase four computers $3,600.00
2004Six sets of cervical biopsy equipment$2,923.00
2005Security cameras and equipment$1,500.00
2006Cabinetry, files and furniture for the front desk renovation$2,440.00
2007Wellness exams for the Friend to Friend Patient Pass program$5,000.00
2008Colposcopies for women with abnormal Pap testresults$2,500.00
2009No funding granted$0.00
2010Recession Rx program$5,000.00
2011HIV test kits.$4,200.00
2012No funding granted$0.00
2013Office visits, STD tests, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, pap smears, colposcopies and biopsies$4,930.00

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