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No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Bloomington Herald-Times, May 16, 2014 (Comments)

To the Editor:

It is time for the annual farce surrounding the Jack Hopkins Social Services fund to come to an end. The Bloomington City Council needs to reject Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky's (PPINK) request for yet another handout.

The social services funding program is meant to be for a one-time expense, but PPINK is asking for operating funds. While PPINK is not running as large of a budget surplus as they have in years past, the organization has run huge surpluses year after year. The City Council has given PPINK handouts despite these huge surpluses, denying funds to social service organizations that actually need help.

This is a political game, nothing more. Planned Parenthood is seeking a political endorsement from city government. They fact that they are asking for operating funds makes this even more obscene. The social services fund should be to help social service agencies help the needy in Bloomington, not to make a pro-abortion political statement as the city council has done nearly every year since 1999.

Our city leaders should stop forcing us to subsidize an organization that performs the morally abhorrent act of abortion, regardless of whether or not those funds go to "abortion services."

Scott Tibbs.