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Silly Florida pastor provides valuable public service

By Scott Tibbs, April 14, 2011

I do not agree with the actions of a Florida pastor who burned the Koran, but he provided a valuable service in exposing exactly who we are fighting in this War on Terror. In response to this display by the pastor of a small church on the other side of the planet, a bunch of savages murdered a number of people and rioted across Afghanistan.

Terry Jones' critics are arguing that he is responsible for these events. No, he is not. The only people responsible for Islamic terrorism are Islamic terrorists themselves. If your faith is so fragile that you can't handle some paper, leather and glue being set on fire, your faith is not worth very much.

But the issue is not Jones or his church. The issue these savages are such fanatics that they will engage in mass murder at the slightest insult against their religion. Jones provided a valuable service because, nearly a decade after September 11, we need to be reminded of who we are fighting. Our enemies will gladly kill themselves in order to slaughter three thousand innocent people.

We cannot negotiate with Muslim terrorists. Walking on eggshells and being careful not to "offend" them will not satisfy them. Muslim terrorists want one thing and one thing only: to force the "infidels" to convert to Islam, and to kill us if we refuse. Peace is impossible with these people. Only overwhelming military victory will work.

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