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Why does Pat Buchanan hate America?

By Scott Tibbs, September 15, 2010

Last Friday on MSNBC, Pat Buchanan had this to say about the aborted Koran-burning in Florida:

If the pastor has not by tomorrow, Saturday, September 11th, if he has not stood down frankly I would have U.S. marshals or the FBI arrest him and take him into custody and pick up those Korans and make sure this went through the weekend without going forward.

Why does Pat Buchanan hate America?

Barack Obama has absolutely no Constitutional authority to prevent this pastor from burning the Koran or any other book, provided the book is his property or he has permission from the owner to destroy it. If Obama were to act as Buchanan suggested, then Obama should be impeached.

Once we set a precedent that the government can arrest someone and preemptively infringe on his free speech rights, we have effectively lit a match to the First Amendment. After all, if this is "dangerous" can a little-read blog in Indiana be censored by the federal government for an article about Biblical doctrine? Can the government send a SWAT team to forcibly remove a pastor before he preaches about the heresies of Islam?

What happened to us, America? Nine years ago, we were ready to mercilessly slaughter the war criminals who perpetrated the terrorist attacks on September 11. Now, we live in unholy terror of Islamic Rage Boy:

Last Week, Michelle Malkin documented The eternal flame of Muslim outrage, from hysterical temper tantrums and death threats over things as innocent as line drawings of an ice cream cone to the more famous cartoons of the Muslim "prophet" Mohammed a few years ago.

How much responsibility does the media have here? Were it not for significant media coverage, no one would know (or care) that a small church in Florida was burning a book. Why not condemn MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News (and so on) for publicizing it? The media clearly gave this much more time on air and in print than was necessary. It's a small Florida church burning a book. Whoop de diddly do.

The double standards here should be obvious. The Florida pastor is to blame for "spreading hate" but the news media is not to blame for amplifying his message a billion fold? If people are going to attack the pastor for presenting a "danger" to the troops, then the media deserves more criticism - and Pat Buchanan is a hypocrite for participating in a discussion about it on MSNBC.

This is exactly what the Muslim terrorists want, folks. This is the entire purpose of terrorism: to terrorize people so they will do what you want. Muslim terrorists want us to give up our freedoms and prostrate ourselves for them. Nine years after September 11, we have completely forgotten why we can never give in to these people. Like Nazi Germany after the Sudetenland, Muslim terrorists will never be satisfied.

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