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The corrupt social services funding process

By Scott Tibbs, March 7, 2011

Last week, I spoke at the Bloomington City Council's meeting regarding the Community Development Block Grants program, arguing that the council should simply send back the money to the federal government. In my comments, I said that the social services funding process has become corrupted and because of that I cannot trust the city council to make appropriate decisions regarding how to distribute the funds.

This is not something I wanted to say. I am very sad that I said that. I do not regret saying what I said, but I regret that I had to say it. Sometimes, you just have to call a spade a spade.

For 11 of the past 12 years, the Bloomington City Council has distributed social service funding in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with need. Instead, they abused the process to spend thousands of dollars for the sole purpose of providing a political endorsement to Planned Parenthood. Over $33,000 that could have gone to organizations that actually need it have instead been used for political purposes.

This is simply shameful.

But the city council reached new depths of depravity last summer when they approved $5,000 to help Planned Parenthood cover up felony child abuse. Planned Parenthood asked for funds to give birth control to girls as young as 13 years old. As I pointed out on February 25, if the 13-year-old girl impregnated by a 26-year-old man had only gone to Planned Parenthood to get some taxpayer-subsidized birth control provided by the Monroe County Democratic Party, her abuser never would have been caught. He was only caught because her pregnancy was prima facie evidence that a felony had taken place.

But some of the same people who are furious that the criminal was sentenced to time served would gleefully support this despicable grant to Planned Parenthood. Even though they are swimming in the sewer, they are unable to smell the feces that is coating their skin, clothes and hair.

One of the Democrats was offended by what I said and was "sad" that the council was called "corrupt." I did not say that the councilors themselves are corrupt, but that the social services funding process is corrupt - because that is exactly what it is. I have a suggestion for the Monroe County Democratic Party: Stop sending thousands of taxpayer dollars to the local branch of an organization with over $1,000,000,000 in annual revenue and a profit of over $85,000,000. Never spend another another dime of taxpayer money to cover up felony child abuse, and apologize to your constituents for your misallocation of funds.

If the Democratic members of the city council do not want the social services funding process to be characterized as corrupt, then they should stop proving that the process is corrupt with their votes.