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Swimming in the sewer, but unable to smell the feces

By Scott Tibbs, February 25, 2011

In 2009, a 26-year-old man from Virginia "connected with a 13-year-old Bloomington girl on MySpace and then traveled by bus to Bloomington and had sex with her," according to the Herald-Times. The perpetrator could have served 50 years behind bars, but he was sentenced to time served and released after the trial.

In the comments, people were furious. Here is a sample of what was posted:

  • She's pregnant with his child and they couldn't reach a verdict?!!!
  • Why couldn't they get the A Felony conviction? Why are jurors so scared to ocnvict? Bad prosecution? I don't get it.
  • But if juries won't convict these kinds of people, what is wrong with this world?
  • We would have been better of if he got the 50 years at a second trial, because now we're out the money for the first trial, and a year of room and board...Good job prosecutor..YOU SUCK!
  • the guy charged with the crime sucks, the prosecutor sucks, the Bloomington jury sucks

The irony of this is that if the 13-year-old girl had only gone to Planned Parenthood to get some taxpayer-funded birth control provided by the Monroe County Democratic Party, this man could have gotten away with his crime. He would never have been charged and would never have served a day behind bars. The only reason he was caught is that the girl's pregnancy was prima facie evidence that a felony had taken place.

Last June and October, the Monroe County Democratic Party entered into a criminal conspiracy with Planned Parenthood to help child abusers like this man cover up their crimes so they can continue to abuse children. Planned Parenthood asked the Bloomington City Council and the Monroe County Council for thousands of dollars to give contraceptives to girls as young as 13.

Now why would 13-year-old girls need contraceptives? It is a felony in the state of Indiana for anyone to have sex with anyone 13 years old or younger. Contraceptives only serve to help sexual predators cover up their crimes, and the Democrats know it. Why does the Monroe County Democratic Party support felony child abuse?

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