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Follow-up on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, May 5, 2010

When the local abortion mill requested another helping of corporate welfare, I sent a letter to the City Council opposing Planned Parenthood's request. I also had a letter to the editor published last week.

In the past City Councilor Chris Sturbaum (D, 1st) has recused himself from the vote based on the fact that his wife is employed by Planned Parenthood. He failed to do so in 2008, and should return to his former practice this summer.

I asked whether Planned Parenthood would only be giving birth control to married couples, or if PP would be subsidizing immorality. This prompted a "refutation" that unmarried couples have the same right to birth control as married couples. But we're not talking about whether anyone would be legally prohibited from purchasing birth control with their own money. We're talking about whether tax dollars will be used to subsidize fornication.

In an utterly stupid statement, one of the people who responded in the comments section for my LTTE last week whined that "the biggest abortionist of embryos" is God.

It is true that many spontaneous natural abortions occur each year. I know people who have gone through this, including some recently. However, arguing that spontaneous natural abortions justify surgical abortions is pure idiocy and has no logical merit whatsoever.

God has "killed" an uncountable number of people over the history of the planet through natural causes. Cancer, AIDS, heart disease, influenza and the Bubonic Plague are just a few of the methods God has used ti "kill" people over time. Since God "kills" far more people than anyone else in history, should we decriminalize murder? Or should we be "consistent" and protest God? No, Death by natural causes does not justify murder.

"But a fetus or an embryo is not a person!"

Well, that's the heart of the argument. The core of the argument is at what point the independent being developing in the womb deserves some sort of legal protection by government, if such a point exists. If the embryo/fetus does not have the moral status making it deserving of protection, then all arguments are moot. If, however, we're talking about a human being, then the silly and childish "God is an abortionist" argument is nonsensical.

For those who employ the "God is an abortionist" argument, are you willing to apply it to drive by shootings and serial killers? Yes or no? You don't get to hide from your own argument by whining that we're not talking about a person. Either apply it consistently, or abandon the "argument" as the foolishness you know it to be.