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Will God judge America?

By Scott Tibbs, April 12, 2010

II Chronicles 28 describes the wicked king Ahaz of Judah. He abandoned the worship of the only true God and followed after the false gods of the pagans. The Bible makes the point that he followed one of the most horribly wicked practices of the Canaanites, infant sacrifice. What the Canaanites would do is heat up an idol and then burn their infant children to death in the fire. It is believed by many Biblical scholars that this was one of the reasons God commanded the people of Israel to wipe out the Canaanites when the Israelites took the Promised Land.

I cannot help but wonder when America will fill the cup of God's wrath. After all, we have slaughtered 50 million unborn children created in the image of God in the name of "choice" and personal autonomy. Whether it be for comfort, economic convenience or reputation, the United States of America has killed several times more people than died in the Nazi Holocaust. If God judged the Canaanites for the terrible practice of infant sacrifice, how much more will God judge America for the practice of abortion?

It has gotten so bad that we even have false "churches" (such as the terribly wicked Presbyterian Church USA) declaring that killing an unborn child can be "an act of faithfulness before God." The very people who should be most strongly proclaiming that murdering unborn children is an evil hated by God are actually tearing Leviticus 20:1-5 out of the Bible and embracing the same evil practiced by the wicked Canaanites.

This Thursday, there will be another Tea Party rally in downtown Bloomington. I am a supporter of the Tea Party movement and I plan on attending the rally again this year. Nonetheless, I am saddened that pocketbook issues bring 500 people to demonstrate against government policy while the annual Rally for Life to protest 50 million murders often struggles to reach 150 people. We have an abortion "clinic" right here in Bloomington. Between 2000 and 2005, Planned Parenthood slaughtered an average of 14 unborn children every week. While I understand the importance of fiscal policy, how are pocketbook issues more important than mass murder?

There are differences between the Caananites and the United States. The Caananites were completely given over to the worship of false "gods" while there is a remnant of Christians in the United States of America. (We are most certainly not a Christian nation.) In 1 Kings 19, God comforted Elijah the prophet by telling him there were seven thousand men who had not bowed their knee to Baal. In Genesis 18, God promised to spare the wicked city of Sodom if there were ten righteous men in the city. These Scriptures something are a comfort to me, but I fear that America's terrible wickedness will eventually require God's righteous judgment. Repent!