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The USA is not a Christian nation

By Scott Tibbs, March 9, 2010

Many of my conservative friends and allies argue that the United States is a "Christian nation" and that we should return to our roots. With all due respect, they are wrong. While this nation was certainly founded by men with deep Christian faith, I cannot see how anyone can look at the history of this nation and say that we are a "Christian" nation.

We are a nation where our founding document allowed the ownership of other people, many of whom were abused and murdered. We are a nation that discriminated against, segregated and persecuted people because of the color of their skin. We are a nation that turned away Jews who were fleeing the Nazi Holocaust, and we are a nation that practiced genocide on the American Indians. We are a nation that has pushed "birth control" in poor areas to keep the nonwhite population controlled. Our efforts at "population control" in Puerto Rico were especially egregious.

But we have repented of our past sins, some might say. Have we? Or have we simply found a new group to oppress? In the last 37 years, we have seen 50 million unborn babies killed by our abortion industry and the idolatrous worship of personal autonomy and choice. Would a truly Christian nation tolerate this slaughter within our own borders? Even among those who claim the name of Jesus Christ, there is a shocking amount of apathy over abortion.

Abortion is by far America's worst sin. We need to repent and turn away from this horrible sin more than any other, but this is hardly the only way we are in rebellion against God. Would a truly Christian nation be the world's leader in producing pornography and exporting sexual immorality? Would a truly Christian nation have a divorce rate of 50 percent, considering that marriage is supposed to be a picture of the union of Jesus Christ and His church?

No, we are not a Christian nation. Given the blood that stains our hands, I am amazed that the righteous and holy God has not judged us. How long will He be patient with us? When will our stiff-necked and prideful culture be too much, causing the cup of God's wrath to overflow?

I'm not saying this because I dislike America. It is precisely because I love my country that I am calling on her to repent of her outrageous sins against the living God. We have been blessed with great wealth and power, and we as a nation need to honor God as a means of thanking Him for His blessings on us. God has been very merciful in not judging us for our wickedness. We need to repent of our corporate sins and ask Him for forgiveness.