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A pathetically weak abomination of a punishment

By Scott Tibbs, April 2, 2010

A 20 year old man in Gary, Indiana was convicted of battery and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. If Christopher Washington serves his entire sentence, he will be out of prison at 55, but he will probably only serve half of it and will be a free man by the time he is 38.

This abomination of a sentence is for brutally beating a 5 month old baby to death with his fists.

Infant sacrifice was a common practice among the pagan peoples surrounding the nation of Israel, where a stone idol would be heated up so that a baby could be tossed in and burned to death. It is a truly demonic practice, and God hates it with a perfect hatred.

In Leviticus 20:1-5, God spoke directly to Moses and commanded the nation of Israel to execute child murderers. It is very clear that God is angry when monsters like Washington are spared the death penalty He makes mandatory.

There are two primary reasons why monsters like Washington need to be put to death. First, Washington brutally murdered a precious baby created in the image of the living God. The price for taking a life is the life of the murderer, as commanded by God's Word. Second, it is to protect society and ensure that no one else becomes a victim.

Christopher Washington is an evil man. He was a degenerate and a thug well before his most horrific crime, and reached a new level of depravity in 2007. The only explanation for beating a 5 month old baby to death is that Washington is simply evil.

Life in prison is not sufficient to protect innocent people. Only the finality of death guarantees that Washington will not kill again. After all, evil serial killer Ted Bundy escaped from prison in the late 1970's and murdered again in Florida. He was captured again and finally put to death a decade later.

Washington did not even get life in prison. The amount of time he will spend behind prison is a pathetic abomination and God hates it. Eternity Brame would be 2 years old today, but she will never have the chance to grow up and experience life because she was beaten to death. When Christopher Washington is a free man and able to finish the rest of his life, precious little Eternity will still be dead.

The prosecutor should be ashamed for agreeing to this pathetic plea agreement. He is a disgrace to the criminal justice system and should repent of this terribly wicked sin.

When I read cases like this, I bow my head and profusely thank God for providing eternal punishment. The reality of Hell is a great comfort as I read about monsters like Washington escaping the earthly punishment God commands. Like Jose Medellin, who has suffered in horrible burning agony since August 5, 2008, Christopher Washington may escape man's justice, but he will never escape God's holy justice. Thank God for Hell!