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Jose Medellin is dead, and the world is a better place.

By Scott Tibbs, August 14, 2008

The world became a much better place last week when Jose Medellin was executed by the state of Texas. Jose Medellin is suffering in terrible burning agony in Hell right now, and he will be there in horrible burning agony for all eternity as an example of God's divine and holy justice. Thank God for Hell.

This is what Jose Medellin did to merit the death penalty.

For the next hour or so, these beautiful, innocent young girls were subjected to the most brutal gang rapes that most of the investigating officers had ever encountered. The confessions of the gang members that were used at trial indicated that there was never less than 2 men on each of the girls at any one time and that the girls were repeatedly raped orally, anally and vaginally for the entire hour. One of the gang members later said during the brag session that by the time he got to one of the girls, "she was loose and sloppy." One of the boys boasted of having ‘virgin blood’ on him.

It gets worse.

When the rapes finally ended, the horror was not over. The gang members took Jenny and Elizabeth from the clearing into a wooded area, leaving the juvenile behind, saying he was "too little to watch". Jenny was strangled with the belt of Sean O’Brien, with two murderers pulling, one on each side, until the belt broke. Part of the belt was left at the murder scene, the rest was found in O’Brien’s home. After the belt broke, the killers used her own shoelaces to finish their job. Medellin later complained that "the bitch wouldn’t die" and that it would have been "easier with a gun". Elizabeth was also strangled with her shoelaces, after crying and begging the gang members not to kill them; bargaining, offering to give them her phone number so they could get together again.

The medical examiner testified that Elizabeth’s two front teeth were knocked out of her brutalized mouth before she died and that two of Jennifer’s ribs were broken after she had died. Testimony showed that the girls’ bodies were kicked and their necks were stomped on after the strangulations in order to "make sure that they were really dead."

Here are Jose Medellin's victims.

Elizabeth Pena

Jennifer Ertman

In an online profile seeking a pen pal, Medellin makes the following statement:

I am where I am because of an adolescent choice.

An adolescent choice. An adolescent choice. That is how this monster describes what he did - as if he was driving drunk, huffing paint, or drag racing instead of brutally torturing two girls to death. I am not using hyperbole when I say that this demon, Jose Medellin, would have fit in perfectly in a Nazi death camp in the early 1940's. His brutality easily equals that of Josef Mengele and any other Nazi war criminal. Jose Medellin is more than a thug and more than a criminal. He is pure, unmitigated evil. Once again, I say thank God for Hell.

Earlier, the International Court of Justice claimed that Medellin was "improperly denied access to his consulate." President Bush, who Leftists have consistently derided as a "cowboy" who ignores the will of the international community, intervened on Medellin's behalf and asked that Texas allow "new hearings and sentencing." President Bush is a supporter of capital punishment and was governor of the state that carried out more executions than any other. Bush has been consistently criticized by Leftists for his support of the death penalty as well.

So what changed here, Mr. President?

Of all of the places where an international court should have absolutely no jurisdiction, it is the criminal justice system of one of our 50 states. The United States is a sovereign nation, and states should be mostly sovereign over their own affairs with specific exceptions laid out on our Constitution. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was absolutely right in saying the international court's opinion "is not domestic law". The President's actions not only undermine states rights, but President Bush undermined national sovereignty by kneeling before an international body. It would be completely reasonable to question President Bush's patriotism as a result of his actions.

It infuriates me that my President actually pleaded for Jose Medellin to be spared the death penalty. Advocating for this monster is just the most recent outrage from the Bush White House. I regret voting for President Bush in 2000 and 2004. This kind of betrayal of conservative principles is exactly why I refuse to vote for John McCain this November. I will not be looking back in a year, two years, or four years wishing I had voted my conscience. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I am voting for Bob Barr.