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Criminal "justice" system condemns innocents to death

By Scott Tibbs, December 16, 2009

From the Bloomington Herald-Times, a sickening miscarriage of justice:

The Reed brothers rode their bicycles a mile or so to the Volandsí Helmsburg home in the early morning hours of Nov. 15, 2008, intending to steal beer. The two took along a .25 caliber handgun stolen from another neighbor. They knocked on the door and asked to use the phone. When Bennie Reed pointed his gun at Dude Voland and said ďno one needs to get hurt,Ē the 50-year National Rifle Association member drew his own weapon. Reed tried to knock it from the manís hand, and a bullet fired from the gun hit him in the arm. The teen then fired back, and a bullet from the stolen gun struck the man in the head.

Bennie Reed then shot Mary Voland in the stomach with her husbandís handgun after she came out of the bedroom and provided medical care to her husband and also to Reed.

As the boys were leaving the house, without beer and wearing bloody clothes, Bennie Reed told his brother to cut the womanís throat since she had witnessed her husbandís shooting. The then-13-year-old admitted he sawed back and forth on the womanís neck with a kitchen knife.

A little over a year ago, demon-child Blade Reed brutally mutilated an elderly woman. Under the utterly pathetic sentence he was given last week by a so-called "judge", Reed serve 14 years in prison before he is released to kill again. Our criminal "justice" system has condemned innocent people to death with the pathetically short prison sentence for Blade Reed. When he is released, he will not even be 30 years old, and after becoming even more of a hardened criminal in prison it will be only a matter of time before he murders more innocent people.

What we as a society need to realize is that there are people in this world who are just plain evil. The war criminals who destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11 were just plain evil. The people who participated in the Nazi Holocaust were just plain evil. Blade Reed is one of those people - he is just plain evil. He is not a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brutally mutilating an elderly woman like she is some sort of animal after your evil brother shoots her in the abdomen for amusement is not the action of a kid who is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is the action of a person who is just plain evil.

Blade Reed should be put to death. The best outcome for Hoosiers, the only outcome that will assure he will not murder and mutilate more innocent people, is for him to die before he is released from prison. I earnestly pray that happens, and the sooner the better. I do not endorse extra-judicial killing (though that would certainly be preferable to him killing innocent people) so my prayer is that Reed (and his brother) dies of cancer or some other fatal disease before he is released, so innocent people are not put at risk. The only way to assure that Brown County's demonic duo do not repeat their crimes and murder more innocent people is for both of them to die.

Our criminal "justice" system is in serious need of reform. Less than two weeks ago, we should have learned our lesson when a savage who got clemency from Republican governor Mike Huckabee a decade ago murdered four police officers. The "judge" who sentenced Reed to a pathetically short prison term clearly does not have the discernment necessary to understand this lesson. When the Reed brothers kill again, I will put my finger in the face of the "judge" and say "You did this. Innocent blood is on your hands. You are a murderer."

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