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Do not fall for the space alien scam

By Scott Tibbs, July 31, 2023

Back in 1995, President Bill Clinton started committing adultery with a White House intern. Within four years, all of the sordid details of that adultery became public, despite an effort by the Clinton Administration to cover up the affair. So now we are asked to believe that a government that was unable to cover up a President's adultery can cover up the existence of space aliens for nearly 100 years.

Count me as skeptical. I do not believe our government is nearly competent enough to cover up something of that magnitude for that long.

First, in order to cover this up, aliens would need to have landed only in the United States. Aliens would not have visited and been discovered in South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. They only visit the continental United States because... why, exactly? Did the U.S. government also collect and either destroy or hide every bit of evidence about aliens landing anywhere else on the planet? We would also have to believe that space aliens intentionally never revealed themselves to the population at large - and that is something we would have no way of preventing or hiding.

Second, human beings are leaky creatures. There is a reason the phrase "loose lips sink ships" is in common parlance: Someone mouths off in a bar, and the information soon becomes public or falls into enemy hands. A specialist in Iraq leaked a huge amount of classified and sensitive documents to WikiLeaks back in 2010. Another man leaked sensitive national security information on Discord, apparently in order to try to impress people in the group. Criminals are frequently caught and prosecuted because they get sloppy.

So every single person with access to information about space aliens was so disciplined that he never let anything slip? They were all so disciplined that none of them ever misplaced a smartphone, a laptop computer or a USB storage drive? No one was self-interested enough to leak information to the news media or even a conspiracy theory website, or sought to get a book deal or documentary made about him? Do you really think that is how human nature works?

We would also have to assume that these aliens are so radically advanced from our own technology that they are either able to travel faster than the speed of light or somehow fold space-time enough to traverse immense distances that are unthinkable with the technology we have now. We better hope these things are benevolent, because if they are not we have no hope of resisting them.

So, no, I do not believe we have been visited by aliens and I certainly do not believe that a government that cannot even keep track of our own federal budget is competent enough to cover up the fact that we have been visited by immensely powerful beings from another planet. Space aliens might be interesting content for science fiction, but they are not something we are dealing with in reality.

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