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Shameful Leftist smears of Dennis Prager

By Scott Tibbs, July 25, 2023

The accusation that columnist Dennis Prager supports "marital rape" popped up in my Twitter feed last week, with news that he is creating content for the Daily Wire. This deranged fantasy comes from two columns Prager wrote in December 2008. (You can read these columns from yourself: Part 1 is here and here. Part 2 is here and here.) This is not just a lie, it is a damnable lie. What Prager actually said is that wives should have sex with their husbands even if they don't want to, in order to make their husbands happy.

That is not the same as rape. That is not the same as a man physically forcing himself on his wife. Prager never advocated husbands doing that. Prager was specifically arguing that the wives should voluntarily consent to sex. It shows great disrespect to rape victims - including women who have been raped by their husbands - to equate voluntary consent when "not in the mood" with forcible rape. This slander also trivializes rape and the real pain of rape victims.

Can we actually live in reality for a minute? We all do things we do not want to do. Maybe I do not want to do the dishes, and I do them anyway. There are days I do not particularly want to go to work, but I do it anyway. Does that mean I am being forced to go to the office or wash the dishes? Does that mean I am in chattel slavery because I do things I do not want to do? Obviously not, and to argue it is equivalent to slavery trivializes the ownership of human beings and the abuse slaves suffered.

Now, you may not like Prager's argument about marital sex specifically, for any number of reasons. That is fine. I am not going to get into whether Prager is right or wrong here. The point is that this is character assassination, not a legitimate "argument" about Prager's video content or opinion columns. The people spreading these lies need to retract their claims, apologize to Prager and to women who have been raped. It is not OK to destroy someone's reputation and exploit victims of violent crime just because you disagree with someone politically.

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