Scott Tibbs

Do affirmative action supporters actually want diversity?

By Scott Tibbs, July 14, 2023

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning affirmative action programs, we have seen Leftists repeat the mantra that we need AA in order to ensure "diversity" of perspectives and "lived experiences." But do Leftists actually believe that? Many of the people repeating that mantra certainly do not believe it, and the evidence is clear.

Twenty years ago, a Christian economics professor at Indiana University had written some blog posts about sexual morality, which led to people calling for him to be fired. He faced more efforts to fire him over the years, as did a conservative professor in the Business School. At the same time, others tried to get students disciplined for an "affirmative action bake sale." This is only at Indiana University, and there are many other instances of censorship or retaliation around the nation documented by FIRE.

Here are a few examples: A mob of "students" surrounded and screeched at Yale University faculty who only argued for tolerance back in 2015. Both of them eventually resigned. David French fought free speech wars as an attorney and as a columnist. Other "universities" censored conservative speech indirectly by refusing to maintain order and allowing mobs to shout down or even physically intimidate or assault speakers. Still others create "safe spaces" where students do not have to hear ideas that challenge their worldview.

Here is the reality: The very last thing many Leftist proponents of "affirmative action" want is true diversity of perspectives. They absolutely do not want professors who hold to traditional Christian faith. Leftists have even promoted the hoax that this diversity is a threat to "safety" or is even "violence," preemptively justifying political violence against someone who has unpopular ideas. The "diversity" these Leftists want literally only goes skin deep.

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