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Hysterical overreactions to Supreme Court decisions

By Scott Tibbs, July 12, 2023

It is not unusual for politicians and political activists to lie in order to advance their agenda, but California Governor Gavin Newsom took that to a new level the last day of June with his egregious tweet about the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action ruling. Not content with addressing the ruling itself, Newsom claimed that this decision represents a desire to "whitewash our nation's history," as well as return to "the era of book bans and segregated campuses."

The final statement is an especially egregious lie and slander, and demeans the office that Newsom has held since January 2019. The claim that ending affirmative action is the same as segregating campuses is a damnable lie that trivializes all of the sacrifices made in the civil rights movement. This perfectly represents the out of touch mindset of rich white male Leftist elites like Newsom. If he had any integrity or human decency, Newsom would have immediately retracted his lie and apologized to all of the people who suffered and died for equal rights. For Newsom to abandon his duty as a political leader to be responsible in his rhetoric is morally appalling.

Leftist activists and politicians also brazenly lied about the decision to protect the right of a Christian web designer to not make a website for a same-sex wedding. The web designer has been called every nasty name you can think of, while Leftists have wailed that this is a license to discriminate against homosexuals. It is not, and that is just another lie. The Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented the web designer, said that "states can and do protect their citizens from being denied access to essential goods and services based on who they are." There is no effort "to allow conduct that rejects an entire class of people."

This kind of flagrant and open dishonesty is bad for many reasons. It poisons our political culture by exaggerating the impact of law to a ridiculous degree, and in doing so these lies create needless fear, anger and bitterness. It oversimplifies complex issues and further dumbs down our public discourse. And after Leftists have wailed about "disinformation" for the past seven years, the hypocrisy of these exaggerations is glaring.

It actually is possible to oppose these decisions in good faith, but sadly good faith opposition is increasingly rare these days. One could make an argument as to why these decisions were wrong without wildly exaggerating what the decisions actually do. It actually is possible to be responsible and honest in your rhetoric. Far too many people refuse to do the work of making responsible arguments based in facts and logic, and instead resort to lying about and demonizing political enemies. It is shameful.

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