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Christians should never swallow the Black Pill

By Scott Tibbs, July 3, 2023

A friend of mine said on his social media pages that red pills are rotting into black pills. You can be "red pilled" on any number of topics, and swallowing the "red pill" is surprisingly similar to being "woke." The person who swallows the "red pill" sees the world for what it really is, and the "woke" person has awakened to the reality of intersectional oppression across all of society. People who follow both worldviews, seeing a system allegedly set up against them, can become depressed and hopeless. They have both swallowed the black pill.

If I was looking at our culture from a purely secular perspective, I would say the black pill is probably the most accurate way to see the world. But this should never be an option for Christians. We should never develop a hopeless attitude and assume there is no way to fix a broken system. We should always have hope. This obviously applies to the next life, but it applies to this life too.

We serve a God who is infinitely powerful. He could call this nation to repent and turn back to Him at any time if He chooses. Matthew 28:18 tells us that all authority has been given to Jesus Christ in Heaven and on earth. Psalm 24:8 tells us that we serve the King of Glory, and He is mighty in battle. We should be praying for revival, and for God to turn the hearts of the men and women of this nation to Him. Even the most wicked political leaders can repent and turn to God, as we saw with wicked King Manasseh of Judah. This man had burned his own children to death to sacrifice them to demons, but he repented in II Chronicles 33:10–20. That is why we must pray for our leaders, from the President down to the township board.

We see many wicked things in our land. This nation may be destroyed by rotting from the inside. Great empires have fallen before. We should not assume that is going to happen, and we should trust that II Chronicles 7:13-14 applies as much today as it did when King Solomon ruled over the nation of Israel. Whatever happens, God has promised in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good. We should never stop trusting Him.

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