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Thug huggers are enemies of criminal justice reform

By Scott Tibbs, June 2, 2023

Jordan Neely brutally assaulted a 67 year old woman and broke her nose in a random attack. Neely also attempted to kidnap a 7 year old girl, dragging her down the street. Neely also violently assaulted a man in his 60's in another random attack. Yet when Neely's funeral was held, his body was in an ivory and gold casket at a service attended by prominent politicians and civic leaders - a group of hypocrites who could not have possibly cared less about Neely (much less his victims) when he was alive.

A backlash is coming. Even liberals will not put up with this for long. Blacks do not want to have their community terrorized by mentally unbalanced drug addicts who should be behind bars or institutionalized instead of in the subway stations. Remember that old saying? A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.

There is no need for this. It actually is possible to argue that the force used to restrain Neely was excessive without praising a man who had a history of victimizing innocent people, including women and children. I do not agree that the force used was excessive, but I would be willing to listen to the argument. I have no respect for anyone who heaps praise on a violent criminal. Once again, we are stuck in an "all or nothing" mentality, which is childish and simple-minded. We run to our respective corners and take the most extreme position possible, with no nuance or critical thinking allowed.

When radical Leftists beatify violent criminals, they make themselves enemies of criminal justice reform. This stupidity is putting us in danger of going back to the overly aggressive policies of the 1990's that contributed to the mass incarceration problem we have today. The worst thing advocates of meaningful criminal justice reform can do is grant sainthood to violent thugs who do nothing but victimize innocent people.

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