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Reclaiming masculinity from the pagans

By Scott Tibbs, May 22, 2023

Andrew Tate got rich by prostituting women online via a webcam business, and then continued to build his financial empire by expanding into gambling. This is not someone who we should see as a role model, but millions of young men see him that way anyway. Part of the reason he is popular is that he is saying things Christian churches should be saying and actually used to say.

The church needs to realize that the reason Tate is popular - despite his degenerate lifestyle - is that our culture has father hunger. Tate tells young men to work hard and be disciplined. Tate argues that the less talented man who works hard will do better than the more talented man who is lazy. This is a message that young men long to hear. That message resonates with men who have grown up in a culture that despises masculine energy and strength. It resonates with men who are depressed, living with their parents, and playing video games all day. It is a direct attack on Guyland.

The father hunger of our society is a ripe mission field for the church, and young men would be much better off learning masculine virtues from the church than from a hedonistic degenerate. People who dismiss Tate out of hand - whether from the Right or Left - do not understand his appeal and therefore cannot exploit that appeal for the sake of the Gospel. It does no good for the church to reject the pagan manosphere unless they are also teaching men to be manly.

So am I endorsing Andrew Tate? No, and I never have. His embrace of hedonism and greed is bad. His rampant sexual debauchery is something Christians must reject as the effeminate cowardice of refusing to commit to one woman. But we live in an age defined by tribalism: Someone you think is bad can never be acknowledged to say or do anything that is helpful or wise, or something that would be helpful or wise if placed in a Christian context. I reject that tribal mentality, because it is simple-minded and childish.

Masculinity is not inherently good or bad. It is something that needs to be channeled and directed. If directed by Holy Scripture, masculinity is good. If it is pagan, masculinity is toxic. The church - all denominations - needs to rediscover Biblical masculinity and teach it to the men under their authority. We cannot afford to leave teaching masculinity to those who do not fear God.

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