Scott Tibbs

New York City's racist, pro-crime leadership

By Scott Tibbs, May 17, 2023

Jordan Neely violently attacked a 67-year-old woman on the subway, breaking bones in her face. This was one of many times this man had attacked people around him. He was a danger to everyone around him, and had committed many violent crimes. He should be alive today, and the political leadership in New York City is 100% responsible for his death. If Neely was behind bars where he belonged, he would be alive today. In a perfect world, the politicians who allowed Neely to run free would face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Unfortunately, the so-called "prosecutor" is not interested in protecting the lives of innocent people, much less protecting people like Neely from his own violent actions and suicidal ideation. Alvin Bragg would rather turn his city into a post-apocalyptic hellscape than actually do his job, because he follows a radical Communist ideology.

The day that Neely died, he was screaming at and threatening people on the subway. Eventually, a Marine realized Neely was going to hurt someone else, and put Neely in a submission hold. We need to be very clear here: This was not an intentional murder. Marines are experts at unarmed combat, and if Daniel Penny wanted to kill Neely he could have easily done so in a few seconds with just a few well-placed strikes. Instead, Penny and a Black man on the subway subdued Neely without trying to hurt him. They put Neely in a recovery position so that he would not choke after he passed out.

The spin surrounding Neely's death is an abomination. One columnist for the New York Times said Neely was killed for making people uncomfortable. This is a damnable lie, and it proves once again that the Fake News Media is the enemy of the people. Neely was a career criminal with a long history of violently attacking people, and was threatening to kill someone on the train. Thank God that a hero stepped up to defend innocent lives, because had it not been for him, Neely might have murdered an innocent person.

The prosecution (or, more correctly, the persecution) of Daniel Penny is racist politics, not justice. If Neely was white, or if Penny was black, there would be no prosecution. Bragg is trying to play to the Black Lives Matter mob. But if an honest jury looks at the facts (which is by no means assured) Penny will be acquitted, an the unrest and strife after an acquittal will be far worse than the unrest of not prosecuting an innocent man to begin with, because a thoroughly corrupt District Attorney did not have the courage to say "no" to a howling, bloodthirsty mob.

The prosecution of Daniel Penny for protecting the lives of people on the subway - something that was made necessary by the corruption of Alvin Bragg and Eric Adams - is a complete farce. Bragg knows that Penny did nothing wrong. Bragg is abusing his authority in a Watergate-level cover-up of his own corruption and incompetence.

Alvin Bragg murdered Jordan Neely. Eric Adams murdered Jordan Neely. Bragg and Adams murdered Neely through their refusal to do their jobs and bring law and order to New York City. They allowed Neely to menace and violently assault people in New York City, and it was only a matter of time until someone was forced to step up and defend his own life and the lives of others. Both Adams and Bragg should spend the rest of their lives in prison for their crimes, both against Neely and against the innocent law-abiding people of New York City.

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